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FusionFnC launches two Bluetooth headsets
Saturday, July 08, 2006

Korean optical media distributor FusionFnC announced it has started to sell two types of Bluetooth-enabled headsets provided by Hong Kong’s In-Tech Electronics.

The BT55D model, which supports Bluetooth 2.0 and utilizes a hairband design, can be used to listen to stereo sound signals; it offers up to 10 hours of music listening time, 12 hours of talk time, and 400 hours of standby time .

The small BT25R model weighs 12.5 grams and is equipped with Bluetooth 1.2. It offers 6.5 hours of continuous talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time.[via MobileKorea ]

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VK Mobile Files For Bankruptcy
VK Mobile, makers of one of Helio's two handsets, has filed for bankruptcy. There has been speculation that Helio has gone two months with only a couple hundred subscribers, claims that have been denied by Helio. The Korea Times also speculates that VK's bankruptcy will send ripples to Pantech, the maker of Helio's other

handset. The Times also thinks that only Samsung and LG, the two largest Korean cellphone manufacturers will eventually survive.

What does this mean to you? Well, Helio's performance so far—performance which sparked the 100 subscriber rumor— isn't making any handset makers jump for joy. And since the poor performance of the MVNO affects the hardware manufacturers, and vice versa, this probably isn't a good time for any of the three companies. Meaning, if you sign up for a Helio plan now, be on your toes for possible changes in the future.

We're not saying don't get on Helio—what they offer is pretty darn impressive—we're just saying that readers might want to watch what's going on with the two phone makers, VK and Pantech. [ Via Gizmodo ]
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Nokia N93 gets put through its paces
Friday, July 07, 2006

With S60 3rd Edition, UMTS, a 3.2 megapixel camera with optical zoom, WiFi, miniSD slot, and QVGA display, Nokia's N93 dual-pivot clamshell pretty much does it all -- at the cost of some considerable bulk, that is. Mobile-review had a chance to spend some quality time with the beast, and if you can get past the portly 188 grams of mass in your pocket, they appear to come away liking the device for all that it does. As flimsy as it may look, we're told the stalk connecting the display to the remainder of the phone is rock-solid: "Even if you shake the phone with all your strength, there is no way the halves will move towards each other." Triband GSM plus UMTS 2100 make the N93 a tough sell in the States, but everyone else seeking out a worthy N90 N90 replacement can expect Nokia's latest superphone to drop this month for around €600 ($765).
[ via Engadget ]
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Samsung NV line takes slim mantra to fashionable cameras
Not satisfied with having the world's slimmestcell phones, Samsung is set to take their "thin is in" mentality into the digital camera forum with the new "NV" line of fashionable picture takers. Like their cell phone counterparts, these digicams are quite slim (all less than an inch thick) and sport s a sleek black exterior. The debut includes three units -- the NV3, NV7 (pictured), and NV10 – all of which come with 2.5-inch LCD displays.

The NV3 is the most "pocketable" at a mere 0.7-inches in thickness. It packs a 7 megapixel CCD, 3x zoom, and a few PMP functions for good measure. Bump yourself up to the NV7 and you'll pack a whooping 7x optical zoom, in addition to some great optical image stabilisation. The "touch pad" row of buttons along the LCD make for easy menu access. For sheer megapixel supremacy, you'll have to turn to the NV10, which, as its name implies, throws ten megapixel pictures into the mix, in addition to Advanced Shake Reduction and 5x optical zoom.

All three cameras should be hitting shelves this fall, with the NV3, NV7, and NV10 priced at $350, $450, and $400, respectively.[ via Mobile Mag ]

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2 new autonomous vacuum cleaners from Samsung
Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Samsung upgrades their autonomous vacuum cleaner offering with this VC-RS60 and VC-RS60H. The robots are designed by Zairo, recharge themselves once the remaining battery capacity drops below 20% and you can even give the robot a call and order it to vacuum your place without you being present (great feature if you like picking up girls/guys in a bar or nightclub)! [ via Akihabara]
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The ShoqBox
Portable music players may be the rage but they are pretty unsociable, whatever happened to listening to tunes with your mates. Okay you can plug external speakers in but that means carrying them around. Philips have broken the portable MP3 player mold and their new music player the ShoqBox incorporates the speakers into the design.

Like most portable music players the ShoqBox can play MP3 and WMA files but instead of listening to them on headphones you can have a couple of watts of solid bass (though if you do feel like being a bit selfish with your music you can always use headphones instead).

The ShoqBox still manages to remain pretty small measuring 58 x 53 x 182 mm, which is certainly comparable to an iPod Nano with a couple of decent external speakers.[ via Coolest Gadgets ]

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Superman returns on the iPod
Sunday, July 02, 2006
We first have the Superman Returns product line from Alienware , and XtremeMac decided to give the iPods some Man of Steel lovin' have come up with a new iPod Case featuring the now-classic S-shield logo as part of the company's Iconz line. This new case offers protection across the entire face of the 5G iPod video including the Click Wheel and built-in screen protector. You won't be maimed as you will still have access to all controls and ports. The Superman case is available for both 30GB and 60GB models, and will retail for $30. [ Via UberGizmo ]
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Nico Mobile Phone

Every kid has a mobile phone these days. Children use mobile phone to be cool, take pictures, text friends and call their dad for a lift home. With phone theft on the increase and radiation fears, its no wonder that parents are dubious about giving their child a mobile phone. Where do they get the money from to pay for all the texts they send? I can barely afford to pay for them myself never mind a minor.

Well, with this new phone there is a justifiable reason why parents should buy one for their children. It has a parent-friendly urgent button and to make sure those kids don’t sneak off where they shouldn’t be going, it has a tracking mechanism. Sneaky as it may seem, your child will think it is amazing to have this brand new small phone but it will also give you some sort of peace of mind (as much as you can get anyway).

To make the phone even cooler, you can have your own choice of colour! (Why does everything have about 5 colours?) Anyway, you can choose from blue, green, yellow, pink or chocolate – as if we don’t know that’s just an attractive name for “brown”.
Phones have developed somewhat in the last few years. A phone is no longer about a good signal, easy to use texting and long life batteries. It’s about high definition pictures, high tec games and a camera.[ via Coolest Gadgets ]

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VW's Golf GTi "53 plus 1" is fully autonomous
You might think Volkswagen, of all car companies, would argue the best part about driving is the bit where you're driving (i.e. "fahrvergnugen"), and that drivers are, you know, wanted. Not so any longer, friends; looks like the higher ups got the Stanley bug and pimped their ride -- though not in any normal sense of the vernacular. They've begun showing off a new cloak and dagger prototype vehicle dubbed the VW Golf GTi "53 plus 1" (you're allowed not to catch the Herbie reference), which apparently uses a rig of laser sensors, GPS, and a radar net to drive itself at speeds of up to 150mph. We'll give you a moment to let that sink in. Now, why they had all this technology under wraps while Stanford was busting ass overhauling one ofVM's own Touaregs for the DARPA Grand Challenge is beyond us, but unlike those "driving pleasure" types, you can give us a safe (clean burning) robo-car any day of the week. Except Sunday, that's drivin' day.[ via Engadget ]
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Digital Clock T-Shirt
Saturday, July 01, 2006
This t-shirt reeks of geekdom, but if you are one with the digital world, then forking out $59.95 for one of these isn't such a bad idea. Thet-shirt comes with a digital clock across the front and can be worn by either gender. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries that are kept within a washable battery compartment that is out of sight. Battery life is extremely poor, lasting between 12 to 36 hours, depending on the operation mode (digital clock or stop watch). You can also choose to turn it on or off via a small button.[ via UberGizmo ]
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