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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Portable music players may be the rage but they are pretty unsociable, whatever happened to listening to tunes with your mates. Okay you can plug external speakers in but that means carrying them around. Philips have broken the portable MP3 player mold and their new music player the ShoqBox incorporates the speakers into the design.

Like most portable music players the ShoqBox can play MP3 and WMA files but instead of listening to them on headphones you can have a couple of watts of solid bass (though if you do feel like being a bit selfish with your music you can always use headphones instead).

The ShoqBox still manages to remain pretty small measuring 58 x 53 x 182 mm, which is certainly comparable to an iPod Nano with a couple of decent external speakers.[ via Coolest Gadgets ]

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